My name is Madie Riley – and I have always had a passion for stories. As an actress I find that the stories I read rarely represent a reality I can to. So, I created my own pilot from scratch with zero budget. That process taught me so much about how to create and sell film and TV in Austin – but mainly it taught me there simply isn’t enough work to keep our talented community employed. I started Invalid Productions as a business space to help inject more creativity and funding into our film industry.

I write about Austin, women’s health and general life advice on my blog here and as a freelance writer-for-hire in between projects. I care deeply about helping people live a life that fulfills them. I have been incredibly fortunate in the support system who have enabled me to live out my dreams. Every day I hope to give a little bit of that energy back into the world.

When I’m not creating I’m actually a really big sci-fi nerd, always looking for the best fresh food in Austin and generally trying to find a reason to be outside. Let’s create something together!