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Netflix’s Spinning Out is the right kind of cringe

In Samantha Stratton’s Spinning Out, compassionate storytelling weave the figure skating lives of the Baker women into their reality of living with bipolar disorder. Here’s what I think the show did well, and why you should watch.

St. Martha’s

St. Martha’s is here and now available to rent or purchase on Vimeo OnDemand! Our first direct-to-consumer TV pilot, St. Martha’s is a story about St. Martha’s is a story about strong women trying to leave their troubled pasts behind them. Dora (Kimberley Pember) owns a halfway house for women just out of prison – … Continue reading St. Martha’s

Watch our trailer for St. Martha’s!

Written, directed and produced by Austin female filmmaker, Madie Riley, St. Martha’s is the debut pilot for the direct to consumer model at Invalid Productions. We hope to become a shop where Austin filmmakers can enter the game at a lower price and get their work seen by large audiences at a fair price point.

The Launch of Invalid Productions

After journeying through the last two years of breaking into film here in Austin, I’m launching Invalid Productions. We exist for two reasons: to tell stories that matter and to put Austin talent to work.

Why not me, why not now?

How can you go from a world full of self doubt and reasons you can’t succeed to a place of confidence? Maybe it’s time to start asking: Why not me? Why not now?

Hi guys, I’m alive.

Look, for an admittedly anxious person dealing with major depressive and a neurological disorder, I acknowledge that the whole getting out of bed thing every day is a big deal. But I want more for myself than just functioning. I want a whole hell of alot for myself. And I think that’s the thing that … Continue reading Hi guys, I’m alive.

Pops of Poppy

To bring out the green eyed monster in me (or just to brighten up my face) – I liked to use a purple look. Check out my tutorial featuring some nontraditional hues from Sephora Collection, Pure Cosmetics and more.

Let’s Talk Accountability

You’re responsible for the life you are (or aren’t) building. Today I’m talking choices that make up who we are and how we owe good decisions to ourselves and the people who support us.

Pretty in Purple

To bring out the green eyed monster in me (or just to brighten up my face) – I liked to use a purple look. Check out my tutorial featuring some nontraditional hues from Sephora Collection, Pure Cosmetics and more.

The Goddess Glow

Sometimes we want makeup that makes us feel like the goddess we are. Here’s my less than twenty goddess look for you to repeat!

My Everyday Casual Makeup

On a day when my skin isn’t so hot but I don’t necessarily want to go for glam, this casual look is my favorite easy apply look. I use dewy, natural colored products from Lorac, Tarte, Clinique, Butter London and more.

Barry is back and even better for season two

Bill Hader and Alec Berg managed to create a comedy that is both heartbreakingly sincere and filled with gut shaking dark humor in Barry season one. In season two, they’ve brought more of that to the table. Read why Barry is the show you should be watching.

Places: Cute Nail Studio

In my Places section of the site I recommend my favorites – favorite nail salons, gyms, restaurants, dry cleaners, etc. in Austin. Need to get a cool manicure? Check out Cute Nail Studio

My Anti-Resolutions Resolutions

I think goal-oriented resolutions are often steeped in some form of self-hate or a societal ideal of what an adventurous, fit or healthy person does. Instead, this year I’ve decided to reflect and evaluate some of my relationships with the world around me that started changing in 2018 and I’d like to think about more in 2019.

Thoughts: Wait for you.

“I’m waiting for me. And I may take awhile.” – Women of Manhattan. Read why I think waiting for your truest self to emerge is worth your patience.

Thoughts: Stories Still Matter.

“I would give up the unessential; I would give up my money, I would give up my life for my children; but I wouldn’t give myself. I can’t make it more clear; it’s only something I am beginning to comprehend, which is revealing itself to me.”


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