My name is Madie Riley. I’m an actress, writer and lifestyle and fashion influencer based out of Austin, TX. I write content on my site at and on social media with the hope of promoting mental wellness, displaying love for all types of bodies, and helping viewers lead happier, healthier lives.

I’m a UT Communications graduate and faithful Austinite hoping to work with local Austin brands to promote the best of Austin’s offerings in fashion and beauty. I encourage my followers to shop local, handmade products when they can, and to always look for ethically made, clean products. I do work with larger brands because not everything is made in Austin; in these partnerships I focus on brands that mirror our values.

How can we work together?

As an actress, influencer and entrepreneur in Austin, I’m constantly posting about my favorite people, places and things. Because I am picky about who I’ll work with, my followers know any brand I promote is worth their investment. I have a policy of 100% honesty with the people who follow me, and I know that makes me a credible first source for advice.

My posts average a reach of 11,000 followers every month, and impressions at 50,000 every month. Each of my stories averages 200 views, with sticker taps (tags of other accounts) averaging at 25%. I do regular audits to ensure my followers are real people with real needs. Examples of local boutiques and brands I’ve personally had followers buy from are Wildflowers Boutique, Melody Dancefit and BSweet Boutique, KiKiNass, Lea Smith Designs, Nina Baraneto and more.

So how can you get involved in all of this promotion? Decide if you’re a good fit for the values I listed above. Choose a product or service you want your followers or potential customers to get engaged with and let’s fit it into my scheduled content. As payment, I charge $50/post in exchanged goods/services or cash payment. If you would like to gift or lend products or do the styling for a specific photo shoot, reach out! You can reach me through the contact form on my site, through Instagram DM’s, or through my email at

I’m looking forward to working together!